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Full Service Waxing For Everyone

Symplee Smoothe is an intimate waxing boutique that places our clients as our number one priority and never just a number. We service both women and men, using a French Depilatory Wax during your visit to remove any unwanted hair. You will experience the most comfortable waxing visit as you are minutes away from the hair free appearance you desire. We will also educate you on how to maintain healthy skin so that you are free from ingrowns, bumps, or irritations. Book your appointment today so that you can begin your journey to Symplee Smoothe! 

Why Choose Symplee Smoothe?

We only use Berodin Wax on our clients. It is a French Depilatory Wax. This wax is very gentle on the skin. There are no worries of having discomfort days after your services has been completed. Kirlice actively listens, respects, and pays attention to each client's individual needs. No two clients are the same and each service is tailor-made to suit every individual. You will also be educated on how to maintain healthy skin.

Symplee Smoothe Experience

The expectation for waxing has been re-defined completely. You see, we believe that everyone should have the smoothest and most gorgeous skin possible. To ensure this, we cleanse your skin prior to beginning your waxing service, next a soothing oil will then be applied to serve as a barrier between your skin and the wax. Then the waxing begins leading to the hair free results you desire. With our firm NO DOUBLE DIPPING policy, you will receive a healthy and safe waxing experience. Cross contamination will never be a concern of yours! We take hygiene and sanitation seriously. Our client's safety and comfort are as important as getting smooth. Once all waxing is complete, we then condition your skin.


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